Chopin Opus 55:1

Do not ask what it is, because that doesn't matter. All we like to give you is love. (Light realm)

souls, timelines,
(Channeling Light realm)

Guides, silence heart, world transformation, soul parts

Hello everyone, it is nice to be with you. We wish you a warm welcome today. Be aware that everything we discuss with you here today is for all of you and for good reason.

Guidance by your guides

Actually, there are today no more individuals. You all have your own guides and energies around you and together you form one big circle. I want to tell you so much but I will let you feel what love is. Of course we are not provable. That is why it so difficult to come down into your lives. Science is crucial on Earth. But unfortunately, our energy cannot be proven. What we can, is that we touch you in your heart. But be aware that we do that every day. No action or step that you take, without being accompanied by us. And now I will tell you why processes sometimes take so long.

Silence in your heart

All of you are looking for something or someone to hold on. Guidance to understand why things go the way they go. The only support you have is the pure love in your heart. That also means that there are no standard or rituals to come to us. The only thing you have to do is connect to your own heart in the stillness of your Self and embrace the love. It is true that there are disruptions that is why it is often difficult. Earthly phenomena and your mind are blocking that. In fact there is no past and no future, we only have the present. But you only are living in the past or in the future. That means that you figure out how something should go or how something should not go.

And thinking enables us to do anything. When you go to your feeling, then we are able again to help you feel what is good for you. This was a small explanation to show that the great is actually so small and accessible for all of you.

World transformation

I want to tell you something about what is happening in the world. The energy is changing. You first lived on a low level of vibration and this is rising. This is only possible when people release their blockages. Anyone who engages in this transformation process will guide others in there again. It is true that the highest form of energy is only light. So there is no prejudice, no rejection but it is all there is. And now you wonder: why are we here. And of course there are many theories. And I’ll tell you ours and this is also already on the website.

Soul parts

You are all part of multiple souls. So basically you're but a small part of a larger whole. With those other souls your life theme is set. The only purpose you have in your life is to work out this theme so that your collective souls can increase in energy. In a next life you will transform into a higher energy. Be aware that you only are part of a bigger picture. And in your individualistic society that is extremely difficult
(See: Soul group).

Stillness in your heart

With those words I would like to ask you to take one moment in mind that you actually felt us or felt anything.

Yes dear people, try to catch this moment and to feel it every day. This allows us to come closer to you, and make your connection to your heart. Do not ask what it is. Because that doesn't matter. All we like to give you is love. And it is possible, if you connect to your heart
(See: Going to your heart). So try to catch this feeling every day so that you become familiar with this feeling. Even, if there is something difficult to do, or if people hurt you. If we can be a team no one else can interferes. We help you to hold the good and to let go the bad.

Dear friends, it was a pleasure and still we would like to tell you very much. But know this was for you for this moment. Inge has organized this day with all the love and we will be with you all day. Be blessed and love all that is.

Guidance by your guides

Then Hercules focuses with a personal message addressed to the attendees and then on to the group again.

Lovely people we have tried to come up with words to you but wish, of course, preferably with feeling. So keep the love in your heart and call us. We will guide you the rest of this afternoon to let go processes and to heal to a higher transformation. So be alert and be aware that everything that happens in the coming weeks is for good reason and that you might need to do something with it.

Dear people be blessed and we will give you light. Hercules.


Be true to yourself, stay with your authentic self, keep listening to your inner source, stay in tune. That's the only reliable source. (Uriel) Read: World transformation

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