Schubert/Liszt, Ave Maria

I am love, love that you convey with your heart. By spreading love, you also spread my love. (Mother Mary)

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Channeling Mother Mary (Message Inge)

When you enter into the process of raising awareness and increasingly come to your source, it is possible that you can become a verbal channel for higher light beings. Whether that happens in this form, is depending on your incarnation plan and is defined by your Higher Self.

During the series of 10 light evenings, the loving messages are streaming increasingly through Rob.

This morning something happened. I was only half awake. And I started to hear something. Or to feel, I do not remember exactly. But I realized that it had to be a kind of channeling. I have it written down.

Mother Mary:

Yes, you still think 'why me?', but later on, as we move forward, you will understand that. You are ready for it, to start channeling, do not holding it back much longer. First you are allowed to 'practice' by using automatic writing, in the way that works best for you, namely the keys of a PC.

I am Mary, the mother of Jesus, like this morning in your dreams.
I talk to you by putting my words in your mind.
Do not be afraid and let it happen.
I am love, love that you convey with your heart.
By spreading love, you spread also my love.
With that love you help many people, even more than you realize.

Take care of poor and sick,
there I started with this morning along in your dreams.
You do it well, you all are doing well.
Light, love, strength. Go and tell our word to those who wants to hear.
Do not hesitate, in these times, I am the one who gives hope,
hope to fearful people.
You're not afraid, because you know that's not necessary.



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