Chopin Opus 32:1

If you are in your heart, the whole incident with that person will not have any impact in your life anymore. (Light realm)

confrontation, dimension, barbed wire,
Letting go of someone or something (Channeling Essenes)

Inge: When there is a deep conviction in you and you realize that this conviction makes you attract negative people or situations, then the next question is: “How can you let this conviction go?”

Essenes: If you ask us: “What should I do with this deep feeling?”, than our answer is: “Go more and more to your heart.”

It’s only an idea you believe in. You don’t have to hold on to it. When you have an idea that you believe in, than that is your reality.

Now we are not asking you to believe that your idea is not true. What we ask you is to be in your heart. Because when you’re in your heart, you don’t have that voice that is holding on to your conviction. That is the process of letting go.

So if you say “I’d like to accept this”, then there is something you force. Then there is something you do and that can only work temporarily. It can never work quite right.

Now you like to know: “How can I let go something?”

How can you let go?

You know, if you hold something in your hand and we are asking you to let go of it, what are you going to do? Then you extend your arms forward, you make a fist with your palms down, you open your fist and it falls out of your hands.

You’re not going to throw it away, because to throw it away is not letting go. It is throwing away.

But in order to let go, you keep your arm forward, you open your fingers and it falls out of your hands. So you let go of it. What you do exactly as you hold something in your fist, is to open your fingers and when releasing, the fingers are your heart.

So when you open your heart, you let go what is in your mind. That is the only way. So when people have something in mind, yo know what most people do? Then they try to throw it away and that is painful. It returns in their hands. It doesn’t go away. The only way is to tell your hands to let go.

Your hands and your fingers are the heart. So if somebody is angry at someone else, he can say: “O.K., I have to accept it”, but he doesn’t really accept it. Maybe he really isn’t that angry, but still he doesn’t truly accept.

What you should do, if you’re angry with someone, is to go to your heart. You can’t just accept what that person is doing or saying, otherwise you would not be angry with him. But you go to your heart and when you go to your heart, the whole incident with that person will not have any impact in your life anymore.

So it’s not that you accept him or her, it just makes no difference in your life anymore.

Can you see the difference between both situations? This is very important. So we say it one more time. If you are angry with someone or with life and you want to let go of the anger, then you should not try to stop the anger, that will not work.

It will only suppress your anger. But if you go to your heart, the whole incident will not be important anymore to you because then you are in your heart. So then, you really let go.

Most people try to throw it away, they try not to be angry. But just trying never works. It never works, while releasing always works. Trying never works. It really will never work.

To go to your heart

Now our suggestion to you is to sit for 10 - 15 minutes every day and be very, very quite. That will take you to your heart. Don't do anything. Don't have mantra, don't meditate, try to do nothing. Just be very, very quite….
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If you are just who you are, there will be people who do not like or understand you. But that should never be more important than belies one’s nature (Light realm) Read: Being authentic

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