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white doves,
Intention light realm for website (Channeling Light realm)

The intention of this website is sharing and spreading the love energy from the higher light realms and to make sure that the high energy also is being kept and integrated into daily life. This is a development process and not something temporary.

Many channelings around the world describe that the light realms like nothing more than passing on the love light to humanity. But the light realms can only touch and reach those who are ready to expose themselves. How that happens is less important.

Making of the site

You should know that the intention of the website you are creating, is to transfer the energy of the light realms. In that way, the intention differs from other sites; we want the people to be touched. The intention of the site is that people will be touched, will experience the light realms and our loving energy and to enable them to train and retain this feeling in their daily lives. On this website you will offer the possibilities for this.

Actually, there are two problems to be faced in your world. First of all, people have to open themselves to our world and when they do, they are willing to transfer themselves, to develop and remove their blockades, to start their own process and to change. It is not a momentary matter and it is not the intention that people will consume the text. The site is really meant to touch people and have them start their process.

Jesus, Ashtar, Amaël

The last energy that came through is the energy of the divine meditation
(See: love meditation). It is not from Jesus but it's of comparable power. Ashtar, Jesus and Amaël are working closely together in creating your website.

Inge: Who is Amael?

Amael is the energy that has already come through twice. He represents the earthly connection and strengthens the intuition. Ashtar represents the cosmos and Jesus the divine world. With our cooperation, you can achieve so much because these energies are of the highest dimension achievable for planet earth. It therefore means: they overlay all other energies. And I'm nothing (with a big wink) but an energy that works among them.

With everything you do, there is only one very important thing that counts: confidence. Be convinced that we care for you and that we will let you feel what is important. Ashtar is a special medium that will come back more often in your world.

But Ashtar is still not a medium?

Do not worry, I choose my words carefully. Ashtar is closely involved in the energy around planet earth. This is extremely important for the evolution. Amael collaborates with
Ashtar to ensure that the vibrations are carried to the earth and you will feel it more and more.

Energy site

Dear Inge, we are very glad to note that the energy on the website is becoming higher and higher. It seems like there is more room for our energy and that the earthly mediation becomes less. We can let the energy flow more throughout the site, which is something really beautiful, although it might not be enough for you.

What do you mean with earthly mediation?

I mean that there is always a choice of how you put something on the site and where you place it. We cannot do much about that.

Our energy corresponding with your energy has also something to do with whatever happens to the website. So which picture, which text, but also, for instance, which texts should be published and which ones should be left out. These choices will always be yours and it is important for you to realize that you are allowed to make them. Because you are the one who has been chosen for this site.
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