The energy you feel around you, are the higher beings that help you to align with your Higher Self. (Ismael)

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Your Higher Self (Channeling Ismael, guide Inge)

Inge: Can you say something about opening up for your Higher Self?

Yes, if you can open up to your Higher Self, then you are also aligned with all-that-is. Yet most people are finding it difficult to simply surrender to all-that-is, to the source, so to speak. Therefore it is easier to come in touch with your guides. Mind you, I am with you, but I'm not you. I'm a personality on its own. Your Higher Self is connected to the primal force, like I do. But I can lead you towards it and as well protect you for everything
(See: Love meditation). Because there is so much what humanity not yet knows, that you can find in any book. So even if you make contact with your Higher Self, it is better to protect yourself by asking your guide for protection.

Inge: Prior to a light evening or a private session, first I always tune in on my Higher Self. It makes me feel becoming very quit and very powerful.

Your Higher Self is also the one that works from the cosmos during the sessions with you. This is the two foldness and they keep the people already from ancient times connected. But now the earth will run in a different way, it is again the intention to connect the originality. And as you say all in yourself: 'I am now open to have a connection with my Higher Self', then that is already so because you know you are already fully surrender.

People think always: 'It is the energy around me, my Higher Self'. No, the energy you feel around you, are the higher beings that help you to align with your Higher Self.

Channeling Higher Self Inge

Being al-one, Be, One-ness, Being One.
Being al-one, is now what you feel.
This just Being on Earth, is what now is.

Awareness, that's all, because all is.
So if it is, let it be.
It is that easy, because all is there, is already on your Earth.
This just too may have been, here, now, that's all.

Being One. If you are, just Be, you are One.
Because your Being, is One, One with all that Is.
So easy is Being, because Being, is all there.
Just Be.

Trust, is knowing, feeling that you lack nothing.
That you lack nothing, because your Being, has it all; is One.
So trust, is knowing, that you only have to Be because you already are One.

Thanks, my Being.


So do not wonder 'who is it that is talking through me', but trust that source. It is your Self, assisted by other energies. (Jeshua) Read: Spiritual guide

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