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Trust yourself and trust thereon that you are a part of this wonderful divine plan. (Mother Earth)

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Channeling Mother Earth

After we had given a healing to mother earth during a light evening came through one of the participants, Ellen, the following message:

From the Earth comes a gorgeous flower upwards and that flower really comes from the center of the Earth; a beautiful yellow flower. It is not a sun flower, but a flower with a lot of yellow in it. The Earth shows that flower as gratitude for the energy, the love, the unity that we have given her tonight. With this she shows us her gratitude and her love.

Now I get an image of the sea. The seas are very blue; very beautiful colors. All the love that we as humans have given to the Earth, the seas, does her well. She needs it and she is grateful for that. The Earth is also very powerful. She has so much beauty and in the center of the earth I now get to see a picture of a goddess mother. The goddess of the Earth is sitting there in full glory.

A part of her is in pain for some people are hurting her. But she is still very powerful and happy because there are so many people who are thinking of her and are given her love and strength. And she says: 'It is good’. She says: 'there will be a balance in’. There is balance between the pains that she endures but also the joy that she gets. And for a long time that has been different. The Mother goddess is back to grow in strength and in love and her gratitude to everyone is great.

From the Earth I now get a picture to see of the Sun and the Moon. The Sun that warms the Earth and its rays on her. And the Moon who represents the night, the dark but where also the light comes from. Even the dark and the light are in balance, they alternate.

It is wonderful to be here on this Earth right now, to be allowed to participate in to all the changes that take place here. Because every one of us has chosen to experience this at this present moment. Everything happens, as it should happen. Everything happens as planned. And all the people, consciously or unconsciously are here now, on Earth. We are all part of the grand plan, of the great divine plan what is going to unfold and becomes increasingly faster unfolded.

Be thankful that you are here on Earth even during periods of difficulties. Because your share is an important share in the mechanism of the universe. Everyone is needed. Everyone is a cog in the network of the cosmos. And we are all running in the right direction. We all run at the right pace. Even though sometimes you do not feel or experience that. But everything runs as it should run in this divine plan. We thank you for your presence. We thank you for your share and that’s great, that’s really big. Trust yourself and trust thereon that you are a part of this wonderful divine plan.


Amael represents the earthly connection and strengthens the intuition. Ashtar represents the cosmos and Jesus the divine world. Read: Intention site

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