Thoughts are making you start doubting. But then you are not connected to us. You cannot have us in your mind; only feel us in your heart. (Light realm).

Quotes higher light realm
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Love - overview

  Slideshow quotes Love
  Human being
  Soul love
  Be quiet
  Be yourself
  Big heart
  Life part

Spirit - overview

  Slideshow quotes Spirit
  Incarnation soul
  Life themes
  Collective soul
  Body, mind, soul
  Energy circle
  Love, light, peace
Guide - overview

  Slideshow quotes Guide
  Spirit guide
  Open your heart
  Guardian angel
  Inner guidance
Angel - overview

  Slideshow quotes Angel
  Sphere white light
  Angel faith
  Angel comforts
  Energy level
  Spreading love
  Light beings
  Hope Mother Mary
  Divine energy

Transformation - overview

  Slideshow Transformation
  Clearing up
  Feel love
  Break free
  Be aware
  High energy

Lightworker - overview

  Slideshow Lightworker
  Light realm
  Clear field
  Stick together
  Stay close
  Light rays
  Light bearers
  Soul conjunction
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